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The jewellery, goldsmith and silverware which is since 20 years a point of reference.
An model of refinement and elegance in the show case; a personalised service ; precious jewelry and exclusive, to satisfy most varied taste and desire ,that we can wear at all times,in all season,and all age.



Choose a jewel classy enough to suit your personally or create a personalised jewel that you can offer to someone dear to you.


About us

“Article from “Messagero Veneto”

Arte Orafa: An Ecrin of refined jewellery

“And also a workshop that creates uniques pieces.”

In the historical centre of Codroipo, in the province of Udine, at the vicinity of the famous city of Venice, you will find a little jewellery and goldsmith’s, in small intimate corner, called Arte Orafa, a point of reference now since twenty years.
The objective of this family owned co ,was to provide each client the choice of his and hers exclusive piece of jewellery, watch, ornaments, silverware to suit their taste and personality .
At Arte Orafa you will find the right piece of gem for every occasion within a price range , with a personal touch that differentiate it,because selected with love and care.

You cannot miss the luxury range of branded jewels such as, MASSIMO RAITERI, SALVINI, ANNA MARIA CAMMILLI,

Salvatore ARZANI…RASPINI, REBECCA, MAURICE LACROIX watches, Philippe WATCH, ARMANI, BREIL… et other fashionable brands.
Arte Orafa offers customers a choice of personalised hand made jewellery, with diamond insertion and carefully selected precious stones ,with a prevalent reference to African art.
With Arte Orafa we can reproduce a design of your choice to perfection. This is why many companies work with Arte Orafa to create precious objects for special occasions.
Arte Orafa is famous for its show case that tourist and locals make a point to pass by to admire the magnificent display of jewellery that the owners personally dedicate with heart and passion to decorate.

– Article from “Messaggero Veneto”-